6 November 2020

“Parisienne et alors” joined the Go For Good label.

French production, charitable and reusable products, the Parisian brand, then in collaboration with Laury Thilleman (artistic director of the brand), has been part of the Galeries Lafayette’s Go For Good label since September. Axelle Aimé (for 20 years at the service of fashion), who developed the brand, talks to us about the eco-responsibility of fashion. Trendy and ethical interview.

You work with Laury Thilleman on “Parisienne et alors” who is very committed to the environment. What is the history of your brand ?

We set up “Parisienne et alors” in October 2018 in collaboration with Laury Thilleman whom you probably know. Laury is committed to subjects relating to the earth, eco-responsibility and the protection of the planet. It was obvious to us that its brand had to be in line with the principles it defends on a daily basis.

How does this eco-responsibility translate for your brand?

The brand is produced exclusively in France, mainly from natural fiber fabrics or at worst, recycled. We make collections every two months in limited editions in order to keep stocks to a minimum. It’s very important for us to have the smallest possible imprint on fabrics and products. We have a thoughtful and weighted stock, and we pre-order models when they are sold out. This system allows us not to commit to too large quantities but to produce throughout the year according to demand. It also allows our French craftsmen to have work all year round and not twice a year at the rhythm of the summer and winter collections.

You also work exclusively with Oeko Tex products. How do you select the materials ?

We select them according to the country of origin, or even their label, if any. We very often work with the same suppliers, so they now know our needs and expectations.

How did you initially find the Oeko Tex factories?

Dorothée (her associate) and I have been working in the fashion industry for more than 20 years, so we had the supplier base. We know the certified weavers. And there’s a growing commitment in the industry to produce better and more responsibly. More and more weavers are joining the movement.

In the workshops, it’s all full of natural fibers !

What were your challenges in creating the brand ?

Getting the knitting done in France was a real challenge but we succeeded! Today France has lost this industrial tool and there are far fewer knitters than in the past.

You joined the Go For Good label in September 2020, why did you decide to do so?

Because Galeries Lafayette asked us to !

What does the label bring you ?

Visibility! It is an honor and a pleasure that our brand is distributed to Galeries Lafayette and integrated into their label. We have an ecological discourse inherent to the creation of the brand, so it’s quite a recognition of our work! We were right to believe in 2018! Hoping that more and more brands will move in this direction…

Once on the train of modernity, you can’t stop anymore.

Isn’t there also an added value for the customer when he buys a Go For Good labeled product ?

It seems to me that there is. In any case, it is certain that customers are in demand. A brand today must be environmentally friendly, attractive and in tune with the times.

There are 38 criteria to be labeled 100% Go For Good. Would you like to move towards this 100% certification ?

On paper, I want to say yes! Now, we will do things at our own pace with the means at our disposal. Asking the question of how we could meet the other criteria is already a small part of the answer. Once you get on the train of modernity, you can’t stop. And it’s not just about producing with natural fibers, it’s also about not using plastic, supporting associations financially. For example, we have supported Reforest’action, No More Plastic, the Fondation de France, WWF, and finally Octobre rose with Take a Breast. We have a very global approach, it’s not just marketing around ecology. It is important to be intellectually honest.

Would you like to work from now on on a particular point ?

Maybe work on more materials, vegan, from the recycling of fruit peels.

This type of product is easy to find ?

Not so easily no! And once again, you have to be wary of the actors who turn them into a marketing asset. You have to know how to check that what is written on the label is actually in the products.

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