10 November 2020

How to support growing brands during this lockdown ?

Growing brands are very affected by this new virus. Stores closed, production stopped… How do growing brands manage to develop in the middle of a pandemic?

How do growing brands adapt ?

March 2020, France is confined, the country is at a standstill. All non-essential businesses are closing, and it is restaurants, bars, bookstores and stores that are most affected. This health crisis and all the events that followed have had a very strong impact on the fashion industry. Growing brands had to adapt, by force, to new sales methods. That is to say, the Internet. With sales platforms or with advertising on social networks, many businesses have moved to the Internet.

On the social networks, photos of the creations are scrolling. With attractive messages, stores try to attract new customers. Fashion is a sector that adapts to the trends and conditions of society. For this reason, there are now many shops that produce exclusively masks. This is the case of Plaxtil, a young company that was originally created to recycle textile waste and now recycles disposable masks to offer products such as protective visors or mask attachments. The fashion sector must follow the company closely and adapt to it. Currently, this would mean integrating this digital world that is evolving every day.

According to an article in Les Echos, a daily newspaper of economic and financial information, brands are preparing for possible confinements and switching to the digital world. “We saw the period of confinement coming, so we reworked all our collections. We changed our calendar, shifting some products to later. (…)” said Sylvain Blanc, CEO of Undiz, a women’s underwear company.

How do you support growing brands during containment ?

Everything is done on the internet. Some brands have set up a very comprehensive online sales platform to ensure the sale of their clothing. How can we support this very friendly store on the corner of the street, which recycles and makes original clothes? This brand is surely present on the internet. You can help financially, by making orders and pre-orders.

You can also help it by giving it visibility in social networks. By sharing their accounts or their creations in your networks, you offer a possible new clientele to this brand. By sharing also their new initiatives you will help them to increase their notoriety on the internet.

The restrictions that have been used to fight this pandemic have strongly impacted eco-responsible brands. Often, they depend on customers or other brands to produce clothing. For those brands that use recycling or upcycling as a production method, they have had to stop collecting clothing because of health restrictions. However, some clothing collection services, such as Le Relais or “La croix rouge”, asked volunteers to wash their clothes, put them in bags and wait until the end of the confinement to donate them.

How can we support these ethical brands? By following the advice of the clothing collection services to improve the return to work of these marks at the end of the confinement. Like all other brands, supporting them on social networks, buying their products and participating in their initiatives.

Growing brands and social networks

The first containment of the year 2020 proved it to us, we can’t escape the technology. Businesses have increased their presence on the networks and are trying to make a place for themselves in this digital world.

“Businesses find themselves in the urgent need to quickly re-evaluate everything and design new strategic plans to protect their brands by thinking “customer” and not “product” (…) This is also unknown territory and most marketing departments have never been faced with building a marketing plan and communication program around an international crisis such as a pandemic. “says an article in the Journal du Net, a media specialized in economics.

Indeed, nobody had thought that the coronavirus was going to have such an impact on our lives. The brand/customer relationship has been hit very hard. Today, most brands have a marketing strategy adapted to their needs and try not to lose their regular customers, despite this particular situation. One last piece of advice… Post, like and sell!

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